fredag 9. juli 2010

The conservatory

Hi =D

Today I'm gonna show you my conservatory!

I got it for Christmas three years ago.
This summer we had the opportunity to assembly it.
It had a lot of pieces, but we managed to find out where all the pieces should be... at last!
I don't like to read instructions, maybe thats why all the trouble :P

We spray painted everything first,
it would have been too much work to paint all those
window beams by hand!

Of course we are going to paint it more, and also put wallpaper inside.

We did wonder a bit how to put together this,
but as I said, reading instructions helped a lot :-)

The floor is going to be painted like this...
Needs more work though!

This is almost how it's going to look when finished.
Some of the decoration beams are missing and also the double doors.

I love to make mini flowers, so it will be a joy to fill this up! ;D

Look in later for more updates!

18 kommentarer:

  1. Hi Victoria,I'm Sonia from Spain.
    I like your minis so much,and your cakes are amazing! I love it! Miniregards.

  2. Looks great already:) Looking forward meeting you on Sunday togheter with your mum. Hope there will be nice weather for you in Frognerparken:)

  3. It's looking great, good that you've started to work on it :)

  4. Tink-Sonia: Thank you! =)

    Christel:Thanks, looking forward to meet you too =)

    Merry Jingle: Thank you!
    I know, it was about time I started doing something about it!

  5. Hallo Victoria
    Så koselig blogg du har!
    Hadde aldrig kommet på å spraie huset så takk for tipset!
    Har også en datter som holder på å lage dukkehus,så kanskje hun også kunne startet med blogging ??:)
    Lykke til videre!

  6. Ja, det kan hun sikkert! :-)

    Takk det samme! ;D

  7. Nice to see what the winter garden will be!

  8. I found your blog true your mothers blog, and i am happy i did.
    You make lovely mini's.
    I keep following you.
    It is nice to have the same hobby as your mum, i do too!!!
    Only my mum don't like to blog about it.
    I show of her mini's true my blog.

  9. Hi Maria :)

    Thanks! It's fun to shear the hobby with my mum :D

    xx Victoria

  10. Hi Victoria, nice to meet you. I know your beautiful dollshouse having read your mum's wonderful mag. I think you have done a great job with the conservatory and I'll wait to see it filled with flowers. Rosanna

  11. It is going to be so wonderful when you have it completed and filled with flowers! I love the floor and how it is turning out!!

  12. Hi Victoria,

    This kit is fantastic and you did such a great job!! I love it, and can't wait to see it completed!
    Could you let me know where you got the conservatory kit from? Thanks so much.

    Pei Li

  13. Bonjour Victoria,
    Votre travail est remarquable et suis impatiente de voir l'aménagement de la serre!
    A bientôt!

  14. Is fantastic and you did such a great job! I love it, and can't wait to see it completed!! Hugs

  15. So stylish! follow each other sweetie?:X

  16. Je trouve cette serre très bien réussie. Bravo.

  17. Victoria!
    The conservatory is going to be gorgeous when you have finished it! I just found your Mom's blog and yours, I am so excited to see how you gals finish your doll houses! I want one!