fredag 9. juli 2010

The conservatory

Hi =D

Today I'm gonna show you my conservatory!

I got it for Christmas three years ago.
This summer we had the opportunity to assembly it.
It had a lot of pieces, but we managed to find out where all the pieces should be... at last!
I don't like to read instructions, maybe thats why all the trouble :P

We spray painted everything first,
it would have been too much work to paint all those
window beams by hand!

Of course we are going to paint it more, and also put wallpaper inside.

We did wonder a bit how to put together this,
but as I said, reading instructions helped a lot :-)

The floor is going to be painted like this...
Needs more work though!

This is almost how it's going to look when finished.
Some of the decoration beams are missing and also the double doors.

I love to make mini flowers, so it will be a joy to fill this up! ;D

Look in later for more updates!

søndag 4. juli 2010


Hi =)

Today I made some miniature cakes :)

I think it went pretty well:
Chocolate fruit cake.
Inspiration: The mini food blog

Marzipan and chocolate cake with strawberries and chocolate on top.
Inspiration: Vesper miniatures

Marzipan cake with sugar and kiwi.

Another chocolate fruit cake ;)
No special inspiration.

Chocolate cake with lemon and... chocolate... Stuff ;P
No special inspiration.

The secret behind my success is:

Fimo and canes :)

I have got a lot of cakes..
I think it's 32 of them..!

(I didn't make them all today)

Here is some of the finest:

The two in the back are purchased by my mom,
she won the Christmas cake.
I got the cute pink cheese cake from my mom's friend, Christel Jensen :)

This is some of the cakes I once made..

This one is pretty cool inside!

Cream.. ..Mint.. ..chocolate.. mmmm :)

Bye bye, see you soon <3

torsdag 1. juli 2010

My Dollhouse

Hi =)

Today I'm gonna show you the living room in my dollhouse.

My mom has purchased the couch in a web shop called Coco & co. She has made all the pillows except the white one with the flowers. A good friend of my mom made it as a present for me :)

When this chair was bought, it was red and awful.
But my mom replaced the red cover with this beautiful light blu and white cover.
She also made the pillow :)

The little coffee cup is purchased in a store named Toves Dukkehus.
The shop was in Bergen, Norway, (where I live) but it's closed down now.. :(
The strawberries are made in Fimo.

This table is also by Coco & co.
Mom painted the surface.
The cookies are made in Fimo.
My mom made the pitcher,
and I made the rose.

This is the cupboard you saw under the stairs.
It contains books that my mom made,
and Peter Rabbit porcelain.

The Peter Rabbit porcelain is purchased at the closed down store,
"Toves dukkehus"

My mom also got a blog: Synnøves et dukkehjem, it's really really nice!

Next time, I will show you the kitchen!

Cya later ^^)