torsdag 1. juli 2010

My Dollhouse

Hi =)

Today I'm gonna show you the living room in my dollhouse.

My mom has purchased the couch in a web shop called Coco & co. She has made all the pillows except the white one with the flowers. A good friend of my mom made it as a present for me :)

When this chair was bought, it was red and awful.
But my mom replaced the red cover with this beautiful light blu and white cover.
She also made the pillow :)

The little coffee cup is purchased in a store named Toves Dukkehus.
The shop was in Bergen, Norway, (where I live) but it's closed down now.. :(
The strawberries are made in Fimo.

This table is also by Coco & co.
Mom painted the surface.
The cookies are made in Fimo.
My mom made the pitcher,
and I made the rose.

This is the cupboard you saw under the stairs.
It contains books that my mom made,
and Peter Rabbit porcelain.

The Peter Rabbit porcelain is purchased at the closed down store,
"Toves dukkehus"

My mom also got a blog: Synnøves et dukkehjem, it's really really nice!

Next time, I will show you the kitchen!

Cya later ^^)

4 kommentarer:

  1. Hi Victoria :)

    Your dollhouse is looking great and you sure have the best teacher in miniatures at home :)

    You commented on my give away in my blog - I've made it so that you have to be a follower to participate so just click the "Follow"-button on the right side of the page :)


  2. Hei Victoria:)
    Bloggen din er så søt. Blir spennende å følge med på det du lager. Hilse mor fra meg:)

  3. You are lucky to have so many pretty miniatures to furnish you dollhouse, this room is lovely :)

  4. Merry Jingle: Thanks :D

    Christel Jensen: Takk! Det skal jeg ;)

    Norma: Thank you :-)